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About YKH

YKH is a reinvented company with 32 years of industry experience. With exceptional success in the Illawarra, YKH transitioned to Sydney and the Southern Highlands. Over the past 30 years, our team has built strong working relationships with various construction companies. We value our client and guide them with honesty, transparency and reliability in order to develop the best possible result for every project.

YKH as a company has a strict standard of excellence, that is managed with systems put in place to ensure every project has a superior completion. Our experience and skill in the trade allow our team to adapt to every project and deliver the highest quality of work.


Smooth Finish Render

You cannot go wrong with the traditional Smooth Finish render to make your house or commercial project look sleek and high quality.

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Acrylic Render/ Textured Colour Finish:

Acrylic textures add a depth and dimension like no other wall coating can. Applied over a thicker base coat (4-12mm), the texture is skimmed on 1-2mm thick and floated in.

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Concrete Patchwork & Repairs

Concrete patching and rectification is something YKH have much experience in. Using the right products and following specifications is key to gaining the strength needed for structural patching.

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Foam/Polystyrene Building Systems (Install & Render)

Foam can be used as an insulated wall panel that combines exterior cladding with insulation.

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Dincel, AFS Systems, Hebel Panel, Blueboard

In our vast experience on many different Commercial projects we have completed work on many different substrates.

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Texture Paint (Membrane)

Using Texture paint with a stipple roller is a specialised trade. As renderers, we have a keen eye for detail and know what is needed to achieve high quality finishes.

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Build Out/ Rectification Of Substrate Positioning:

It is common for multi storey buildings to have problems with different substrates meeting flush.

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Quality Work and Adaptability only come with Experience


We pride ourselves on the skill of our tradesman. Quality work and adaptability only comes with experience, and our team have around 108 years of rendering and finishing under their belt. A professional finish that will last can only come from skilled tradesman.

Quality Materials and Products:

The most important part of achieving a quality job, is using quality products that last. At YKH we use all the up to date products and technology to produce the best possible job for our clients




Commercial, Gledhill Construction
Area: 1,877 m2
Substrate: Hebel Panel, OF Concrete Brick/Block, Dincel
Type: Rockcoat, FR Smooth Finish


Premises: Commercial, Eagle Project Management
Area: 3,754 m2
Substrate: AFS Logicwall, OF Concrete
Type: Rockcoat, Sandcoat, Hydratech Textured Colour Finish, 12mm Base Coat
Colours: Tranquil Retreat, Timeless Gray


Premises: Homebuilder, Mincove Homes
Time: 9 Days
Area: 70 m2
Substrate: Common Brick
Type: Rockcoat, Sandcoat Hydractech Textured Colour Finish, 12mm Base coat


Premises: Residential
Time: 23 days
Area: 219 m2
Substrate: Bagged & Painted brick
Type: Rockcoat, Sandcoat Hydratech System/ 4 coat over painted, bagged brick


Premises: Residential
Time: 11 days
Substrate: Common brick
Type: Rockcoat


Premises: Homebuilder, Mincove Homes
Time: 9 Days
Area: 78 m2
Substrate: Common Brick Blueboard
Type: Rockcoat, Sandcoat, 12mm Basecoat


Premises: Residential
Time: 5 days
Area: 48 m2
Substrate: Block Wall
Type: 12 mm sand & cement smooth finish



South Coast

Southern Highlands




South Coast

Southern Highlands

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