Disaster Relief/ Volcanic Eruption:

There was a volcanic eruption in North Java last week and it has caused many deaths and displaced hundreds of people from there homes. Due to the community being severely effected by covid 19 they are left unsupported in an already struggling government and economy.

We would recommend anyone wanting to donate to this cause to give whatever they see fit. There is much work to do and a number cannot be put on it.

Sadaqah Road has people from there aid group on the ground offering support as we speak:

  • Clean up of destroyed homes
  • Removal and burial of deceased
  • Provide housing to survivors
  • Provide clothing and food to effected
  • Ongoing support to orphans and widows

With the above causes I have mentioned, a one of donation is great but we would like to encourage people to do a direct debit on a monthly basis to keep helping these communities and allow the humanitarian aid workers to keep doing there great work.

Many people do sign up to these and they receive videos and pictures regularly showing where and what there money has been able to achieve.

BBQ Prices:

$2.50 Sausage sandwich

$2.50 can drink

Meals On Wheels Program:

$20 donation – feed 1 person for a week.

$50 donation – feed 1 person for 1 month.

$100 donation – feed 67 people on 1 food drive.

Orphan and Widow Support:


$70 donation – feed a widow and her 2 children for 1 week.

$280 donation – feed a widow and her 2 children for 1 month.